We have provided this place for our friends to share their testimonies of how Cryotherapy has benefited their lives.

I broke my wrist in January in a snowboarding crash! After my cast was removed and completed physical therapy I still had a lot of pain, swelling, limited range of motion and weakness. I was introduced to Cryotherapy by a friend who had received relief from years of sporting injuries, so I tried it the next day. I was very nervous, not knowing what to expect, but when the 3 minutes was up I was amazed at the immediate relief! I tried it for my wrist, but had a skin tag come off my hand after my very first treatment! I had been unable to wear my wedding ring or watch since breaking my wrist because of swelling ~ but now I can wear jewelry ~ reason enough for me!!

Christina Barnard, Founder CRYO4

I had lots of body aches and pain from arthritis caused by years of martial arts, motorcycle accidents, weight lifting and multiple surgeries. Cold and damp weather would take its toll on my body. Realizing the immediate effects including pain relief, range of motion, increased energy, improved sleep and increased strength, I knew Cryotherapy was for me. I believe in Cryotherapy and the benefits it offers so much we purchased our own Cryosauna and founded this business.

Steven Barnard, Founder CRYO4

I suffer from migraine headaches on a monthly basis.  I had a severe headache for four days and after taking multiple medications it still persisted.  After receiving cryotherapy my headache went away and did not return.  I am impressed and very pleased with this result!

Tricia Whitson

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15 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I had a deep abrasion on three fingers. I had been to Cryo 4 several times before, but I was interested in how it would help my healing time. Sure enough, what would normally take about two weeks to heal, was fully healed in about 5 days. It was incredible.

    I have Cryo’d about 12 times and I also notice my workout recovery is much faster as well. It’s a great addition to my routine that I would recommend to anyone!

  2. Cryo has cut my recovery time for my ACL surgery in half!!! So, now it is saving me so much money in less physical therapy fees. Plus, cryo-night is the only night of the week that I receive good sleep; I can’t wait for my Thursday nights. And it relieves my back pain :)))

    -Austin Murphy (5 cryo sessions and counting)

  3. I started cryotherapy towards the end of August at a recomendation from a friend. I wanted to see if it helped my energy level and also my hormones etc. I have to tell you that I feel wonderful – I have lots of energy and emotionally I feel strong and healthy. It’s a great way to heal your body in all areas.

  4. I started Cryo4 the first of August. Best decision I ever made. For years I have had pain in my elbows that would wake me during the night, and pain in my hip flexors that kept me tossing and turning all night. I am now “pain-free”. I recommend Cryo4 to everyone. Cryo has really relieved my arthritis pains. Highly recommend to everyone.

  5. I have had 3 sessions now. Wow. Feel energized and yet sleeping great at night. Less pain in two chronic injury sites. And the owners and staff are so great! Love coming in just to visit with them! Give it a try!

  6. I haven’t cycled in a couple years, or even worked out consistently for over a year! Yesterday I did my power test at Knobbies & Slicks and SHOULD not be able to walk, BUT… I have absolutely NO SORENESS whatsoever!!! Cryo is Awesome!!

  7. I am an avid runner and I have run many marathons and half marathons. There is usually a point in the race where my legs get sore and heavy. But 2 days before my last half marathon I did my first Cryo treatment and I never had sore, heavy legs and it was my best race ever! A PR by 4:30 minutes!!

  8. Steve,
    I just wanted to say thank you. I started Cryo for my neck, but have discovered that it is also helping my Chron’s. I have not felt this good in several years. Thank you so much.

  9. So – to give you an update. The reason we even came was because we had called Coach Brent Parker telling him Zack couldn’t play in the two 7 on 7 football games last night and we were fearful we would miss today’s baseball double header – his last games as a GHS Freshman.

    Brent told us about you – we were skeptical – but I was willing to spend $50 to see. I barely got Zack to come – I had to agree to do it too.

    When we left your place – Zack told me – “I am playing football tonight dad, I feel good” – I said ok.

    He played 2 games last night – had a pick 6 and a couple other picks and receptions. About mid-way through the 2nd game he started hurting again. But not as bad.

    I just dropped him off for his GHS Baseball Games in Irving. 1st one is at 11:00am. He may only play one if he gets to hurting. But man – I am becoming a believer in the Cryosauna.

    Thanks Steven – I can see why Brent speaks so highly of you.

  10. CRYO helps me reduce the inflammation caused by Irritable Bowl Syndrome. After one session – just 3 short minutes -, the bloating and feeling of distention disappears. Cryo does wonders for migraine headaches as well. Try it, you won’t regret it.

  11. At first a skeptic – now an addict. I have injuries and knee surgeries and have dealt with pain while running for years – CRYO4 has eliminated that pain. When I CRYO consistently my knees feel like they’re 17.

  12. Being a college athlete CRYO became a part of my routine in May of this past year and has allowed me to train harder both on and off the field. It kept me injury free all season which kept me on the football field doing what I love. It didn’t take long to notice sore muscles recovering in half the time. Once I had seen the results I couldn’t go without it.

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